1-10: daaddaacab
11-20: daddccbcac
21-30: abaabaaccb
31-40: daabaacabd

An operating system (OS) is software that
manages computer hardware and software
resources and provides common services for
computer programs.
The operating system is an essential component
of the system software in a computer system
-it is the core of the coputer, without it computer
cannot work
-operating systems schedule tasks for efficient
use of the system
A database is an organized collection of data.[1]
The data is typically organized to model aspects
of reality in a way that supports processes
requiring information, such as modelling the
availability of rooms in hotels in a way that
supports finding a hotel with vacancies.
Database management systems (DBMS) are
computer software applications that interact with
the user, other applications, and the database
itself to capture and analyze data.
-Data definition
-Overwrite it
-Demagnetise it
-Never store your documents on the same drive
as your operating system
-Back up your files regularly, no matter where
they’re stored
– Beware of email attachments
Data security means protecting data, such as a
database, from destructive forces and from the
unwanted actions of unauthorized users
(4bi) access control is the selective restriction
of access to
a place or other resource. The act of accessing
mean consuming, entering, or using. Permission
access a resource is called authorization.
5a) Open your browser eg Mozilla firefox, on the
address bar, type http://www.mybooks.com.
Scroll to Book W, click on it and the details with
price tag will appear. Do the same for books
and M
(5b) Books: W,X,Y,Z,M
Prices in dollar ($): 2.00,4.00,6.00,8.00,10.00
Prices in Naira(#):
Then save as Prices of books.xls
Go to your email provider address from your
mozilla firefox by typing the address like thus;
http://www.mail.com. Then, login to your email
click on compose, on the the receipient column,
which you see as “to:”, enter your father’s
email ie
myfather@yahoo.com, on the subject, write
of books”, then click on attach file, it will take
you to
your computer folders, locate where you save
‘Prices of books.xls and double-click to attach
file, then click on ‘send’.

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