A boy was driven out from the class, because he could not speak English. Cried and want to ‘Motor Park’ in order to compete with other students. As he went there he heard someone  saying “INFACT YOU ARE MAD”. He heard another one saying “I AM A SUPERMAN”. And finally he heard another person  saying “LADIES FIRST”. He went back to the school  the next day and teacher asked him. What did you learn at home” he replied INFACT YOU ARE MAD”. The teacher got annoyed and said WHO DO YOU THING YOU ARE”. He replied “I AM A SUPERMAN”.
Because of the teacher annoyance he ordered the student to drive him out of the class. He finally said LADIES FIRST” as he heard, oh what a pity on such a situation.
Last week, we had a lecture on the subject, mathematics. And the topic was GRAPH”. We were asked to plot the graph, and find the root. All of a sudden a boy stood up and said “sir there is no tree on the board, where ate we going to remove the root? Every student, felt in laughter, because the boy did not understand the type of root the teacher mean.


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