1. I am something I catch two ball at a time. W h a t am I? And:  BRASSIER.

2. I am something if you put me into eater I don’t have any sound. What a I? And: NEEDLE.

3. I am something everybody like me but when they see me they ran away. What  am I? And: EXCRETE

4. I am something I walk in black Man’s country. What am I? And: CHALK.

5. We are three brother but we cannot meet. What am I? And: FAN.

6. I am something I have three eyes but I cannot see. What am I? And: COCOANUT.

7. I am an object I am red inside, green outside. What am I? And: PAWPAW.

8. I am something in the morning, I Will walk with 4 lags, in the afternoon I Will walk with 2 legs, in the evening I Will walk with 3 legs. What am I? Ans: A BABY IN THE MORNING, A YOUNG MAN IN THE AFTERNOON AND OLD MAM WITH WALKING STICK IN THE EVENING.

9. I am something I enter into the black bush every morning. What am I? Ans: COMB.

10. I am the best goal keeper in the world. Who am I? Ans:  MOUTH.

11. I am something I kiss my mother before I die. What am I? Ans: MATCHES.

12. I am something I can touch obasenjo’s hair. What am I? Ans: CLIPPER.

13. I am a drinking beverage; l have a single name all over the world. What am I? Ans: TEA.

14. I am a cooking utensil of three letters when my first and last letters are interchanged I become where everybody wants to be. What am I? Ans: POT,TOP.

15. I am something and I am pregnant, the baby inside me is also pregnant. Ans: ONION.

16. We are many soldiers but they us in one room. What am I? Ans: BROOM.

17. I am No17, if you turn me upside down, I become animal. What am I? Ans: LION.

18. Every living thing needs me, but they cannot see me. What am I? Ans: AIR.

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