Firefox Could Soon Come To iOS.

For a year now, Mozilla has
categorically stated that it
wouldn’t release a version of
Firefox for iOS because Apple
won’t let it use its own web
engine on its platform. With a
new CEO on board, however, it
looks like Mozilla’s position
may be changing. At an
internal Mozilla event in
Portland today, the
organization talked about the
need to get its browser onto
“We need to be where our
users are,” Firefox release
manager Lukas Blakk wrote
on Twitter today (quoting
Mozilla’s VP for Firefox
Jonathan Nightingale, we
think). “So we’re going to get
Firefox on iOS.”
Apple has been very restrictive
with regard to third-party
browser engines on its
platform. Current third-party
iOS browsers like Chrome or
Opera can only operate on iOS
because they use Apple’s own
JavaScript and rendering
engines, for example — or, as
in the case of Opera, by
rendering sites on a server
and then sending them to the
It’s unclear how Mozilla plans
to bring Firefox to iOS, but
given that Apple isn’t likely to
open up its platform for third-
party browser engines, it’ll
likely have to work with
Apple’s technology. With that,
it can still support Firefox
accounts, its bookmark-
syncing tools and all the other
features that Firefox for
Android currently offers.
Next year is going to be an
important one for Firefox —
and one that will hopefully
bring a bit of a resurgence for
the browser. Users today
want to use the same
browser on all of their
devices. That makes keeping
bookmarks and passwords in
sync quite a bit easier, after all.
For a while, Mozilla offered
Firefox Home on iOS for
exactly this reason, but then it
abandoned that project two
years ago.

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