Microsoft wants to launch first modern smartwatch in time for the holidays.

Microsoft is planning to unveil its long-rumored
wearable wristwatch within the next few weeks
with intentions of launching it in time to
(hopefully) cash in on the lucrative holiday
buying season according to sources familiar with
the matter as reported by Forbes .
The hybrid smartwatch / fitness tracker, which
will be compatible with multiple mobile platforms
including Android, iOS and Windows Phone, is to
last more than two days on a single charge. If
true, that’d put it ahead of other devices already
on the market like the Samsung Galaxy Gear
and Motorola’s Moto 360 . Both of those
devices require a daily recharge.
If you recall, Forbes first revealed Microsoft’s
wearable ambitions this past May. The device is
said to draw on engineering expertise from the
Kinect division and feature a number of
embedded sensors. At the time, the watch was
also described as looking similar to the Samsung
Gear Fit with a full-color touchscreen.
The decision to make the wearable cross-
platform certainly falls in line with CEO Satya
Nadella ’s vision of Microsoft. One can’t help but
wonder if former boss Steve Ballmer would have
made Microsoft’s first modern wearable a
Windows Phone-only affair.
Redmond’s mobile OS makes up just 2.5 percent
of the global smartphone market according to
IDC. Releasing a smartwatch that’s only
compatible with Windows Phone could have
severely limited its potential success, but I
No word yet on what Microsoft plans to name
the device, how much it will sell for or when
exactly it’ll be available.

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