Advantages of fuel scarcity this period

1) My compound is noiseless because ‘I pass
my neighbour’ generators are on sabbatical

2) Wives are happy because husbands who like hanging out are now staying at home
with the family because drinks outside are not cold and no fuel to drive out.

3) All the housewives are cooking good food because no more Telemundo/Zee world. Chai!

4) Kids are reading their books since watching TV needs fuel.

5) No more congestion in network since many people’s phones are off.

6) Browsing & downloading is fast…no one wants browsing to kill his or her battery.

7) Everyone sleeps very early now.

8) There are MORE PRAYERS & less

9) You even know its true…that’s why you were reading this fast
so you can log out before your battery goes off that you didn’t notice that there is no

10). Now you found out, you are
laughing lolzz


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