Attention! Attention!! Attention!!!
Sir Good evening, it is our pleasure to talk to you here. I want to let you know that there is a very Big problem in your farm (REAL OIL MILLS LIMITED NIGERIA, NO 236 OBAN CALABAR, CROSS RIVER STATE). That you have not ear about before.
Sir the person you employ as a manager called MR. BULLEY as cost a lot of problem in this farm by eating the workers money.
The we are having here is that MR. BULLEY is not paying us our money and he will take some of the palm fruit to another mills to cook and sale. When we plug 1,000 palm fruit stands MR. BULLEY we take 500 palm fruit stands to macko mills.
“sir did u give MR. BULLEY the privilege to carry all the palm fruit to another mills to cook and sale”
sir please remove MR. BULLEY and replace another person so that your company will growth. If not you will lost REAL OIL MILLS LIMITED.
We want to put to u that we are going to cause strong six(6) months strike, and i will affect your company (REAL OIL MILLS LIMITED NIGERIA). very well!!!
Pls tell MR. BULLEY to pay us our DEBT(money). We the workers has suffer alot.


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