Fake cash dealers arrested in Borno

The Borno Police Command has
arrested some fake currency
dealers within Maiduguri
metropolis and Kwaya/Kusar
town in the state.
Counterfeits running to millions
of Naira have been confiscated.
The Borno State Police
Commissioner Aderemi
Opadokun disclosed that the sum
of N4.59 million fake currency in
one thousand naira note
denomination was recovered
from one of the suspects, Adam
Ajid who is a dealer in fake
Nigerian currency, in Fulatari
ward of Maiduguri.
Opadukun said that the police
patrol and intelligence gathering
in the state led to the arrest of
Adam Ajid of Fulatari ward of
Maiduguri for defrauding
unsuspected members of the
public with fake Nigerian
He said the Special Anti-Armed
Robbery Squad (SARS) personnel,
following a tip-off arrested the
suspect recently with bundles of
N1 000 notes in three different
serial numbers to the tune of
N4.515 million, adding that naira
notes were suspected to be fake.
Opadukun added that the
suspect’s supplier is alleged to be
from Cameroon.
Police are on the suspect’s trail.
The commissioner said another
suspect, Ba’ana Musa, was also
arrested recently for using N1
000 note of fake currency to pay
for his tricycle fare in Maiduguri.
“The suspect, Ba’ana Musa,
boarded a tricycle and offered
the operator a piece of fake one
thousand naira note as if it were
genuine and legal tender for his
fare. He was caught and
searched. Some 69 pieces of
counterfeit N1 000 notes were
recovered on him, making a total
of N70 000 suspected of being
fake currency,” Opadukun said.
Opadukun added that another
fake currency dealer, Bashir Goni
Kwayam, was arrested in Budum
ward of Maiduguri using a fake
$300 to buy 75 yards of clothes
at N43 000 from one Umar
Mustapha, a Maiduguri
“He collected the materials and
sold them to one Sa’id Maniyu of
Makera Ward of Maiduguri.
During the investigation, the
clothes were recovered.
The suspect will also be charged
to court after forensic report of
Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) is
obtained,” he said.


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