General Buratai Establishes New Special Force To End Boko Haram

Nigerian Army has established a new special force to finally win the war against Boko Haram insurgency which has plagued north- eastern Nigeria for many years. The new battalion will use motorcycles, when set up will counterpart efforts of the ground troops. The special unit is the initiative of the army chief, Major General Tukur Buratai in his efforts to end Boko Haram within the shortest possible time. The new army high command brought up the idea as it had become evident that troops were finding it difficult to breach terrorists’ hideaways using army vehicles, particularly in the notorious Sambisa forest. News points out that it is hard chasing the insurgents in some parts of the North East as a result of the topography being a muddy area and this delays the movement of the soldiers. The troops in this planned motorcycle force would be chosen for training in the use of modified bikes and they will now be playing additional roles to the ground troops. The motorcycle battalion is usually a quick- fix corps of soldiers who perform all the duties of a reconnaissance battalion. It is an assault battalion, which search for an enemy soft spot and commences attacks. The Germans, Britons and Americans have dedicated motorcycle battalion corps that backstops their regular troops. Factually, motorcycle battalions comprised an armored car company and several companies of motorcycle infantry. The motorcycle infantry companies were organized as assault groups around several motorcycles with sidecars that carried lethal weapons during the World War II. It should be noted that the election of Muhammadu Buhari as Nigeria’s President has sent strong signs to the insurgents that their days are numbered. In his last trip to the USA, Buhari was promised a lot of support and help from his American counterpart Barack Obama and with the new service chiefs in place, the end of terror menace is now in sight.


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