In Celebration of Youths all over the World
today and in marking the 2015 International
youth day, the Akwa Ibom State Government
has announced a scholarship award to Mr.
Ufot Ekong, a young man of immense
scientific skills ,a student ambassador of
Akwa Ibom State in far away Japan, who is
recognized for his academic excellence
having achieved best grades in the Tokai
University in Tokyo.
The deeply gifted student, a young man who
is also fluent in Japanese and is currently an
M.Sc student in the same field of Electrical
Engineering was awarded a World first class
degree and the award for the best
graduating student as well as the Japan
President’s Prestigious Award. He is
interestingly the first African to achieve this
feat, and has performed wonders as he
solved a 30-year-old mathematical question,
an equation that proved insurmountable to
their scientists for those number of years. By
this, he is widely commended for breaking a
50 year jinx in that part of the world.
Not only is the Electrical Engineer-in-the-
making , solving scientific problems, he
embarked on an ambitious automobile
design project; a project that couldn’t have
come at a better time than this – when the
Governor , Mr Udom Emmanuel has placed
Industrialization at the arrowhead of His
policy thrust
In an event To commemorate the United
Nations international Youth Day which saw
thousands of Akwa Ibom youths across the
31 Local Government Areas Gather at Ibom
Hall in joyous celebration of the Youth
Empowerment Strides of the Governor
Udom Emmanuel Led Administration , the
state Governor restated his pledge to youth
development via capacity building programs
such as the sponsoring of Akwa Ibom
youths to Israel for training in mechanized
Agriculture,the ORACLE software training
and the Automobile assembly training in His
words ; “We will make Akwa Ibom Youths
earn a Living and not beg for a Living”.
Governor Udom Emmanuel in recognition of
Mr Ufot Ekong’s academic excellence , has on
behalf of the Government of Akwa Ibom
state , offered him a complete scholarship to
enable him pursue his graduate studies. He
is an example of the New Akwa Ibom Youth
; creative , talented and driven for success.
“We are glad to offer him the Scholarship
Gov. Emmanuel stated”


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