Documents just out reveal that
the APC governorship
candidate’s running mate, Engr.
Benedict Ukpong, had not only
failed to resign from FCDA which
he ought to have done since
Sept 2014, but was still
receiving salaries until July 2015,
as damning evidence to this
effect being his pay slips prove.
This is clearly criminal as it
violates the provisions of the
Constitution and contravenes
INEC regulations.
Engr. Benedict Ukpong admitted
to having discovered that these
payments were still being made
but claimed that he had made
refunds. Unfortunately, his claim
to have returned the money is
weak and only succeeded in
posing more questions: When
did you resign? When did you
discover you were still being
wrongly credited? When did you
refund? How much? Where are
the receipts from the treasury?
What month’s payment did you
refund? Their ethical and moral
stand only continues to tumble.
Political experts say this has all
but put the last nail on the
coffin of APC’s hopes at the
Akwa Ibom gubernatorial
tribunal and that Mr. Umana’s
running mate will probably soon
be facing charges ranging from
perjury to fraud.
Things are promising to get
even more interesting as one
cannot help but wonder why
the APC leadership is not able to
come up with a convincing
response till now. Meanwhile,
information has begun to leak
out on an increase in activities
at the APC Abuja secretariat as
they scramble up forged
documents to exonerate Engr.
Ukpong. To this effect, the
Nigerian populace is patiently
waiting to see what the APC
leadership will come out with.

we will get back to you shortly...!

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