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StephREDD released her soulful debut single “A Li’l While” to rave reviews in April 2015, and has been favoured by bloggers, OAPs and growing fans. The single with the thematic preoccupation of strength in the face of adversity has also raked in quite a number of testimonies and Steph REDD has furthered the impact of the song by releasing a simple sing-along lyrics video to aid the acquaintance of the song by those who have been, and are still going to be inspired by the beautiful song.
The single with the richness of of Negro
Spiritual music
was written by
StephREDD in 2009 haven had to ‘wait’ a
herself in a place of
uncertainty, confusion and fear of the
possibilities of the future.
StephREDD strongly believes that nothing
is impossible to whosoever would
believe enough, work-hard enough, pray
enough and just ‘wait’ in position
long enough to see the anticipated best

StephREDD (real name Stephanie
) is also a Bilingual Human
Resources Professional with several local
and international certifications.
She is a compelling communicator, an
impactful trainer, public
speaker/compere and a writer. She is
currently one of the Lead Vocalist at
the House on the Rock Church in Lagos,
“A Li’l While”was produced by Rotimi
a.k.a. Rotimikeys

Watch the lyrics video:

Incase you haven’t, download the single



Verse 1.

Life comes in seasons
Seasons come with time
Time has it’s own phases
And colours that interfere with mine
So many questions
Puzzles confuse my mind
But in the middle of all the twists and turns
and grey spaces
I have learnt a thing that’s wise
(And it is that…)


If it hasn’t worked
If it hasn’t changed
If it hasn’t turned out like I hoped
I’ll just wait a li’l while (Wait a li’l while)
If it hasn’t worked
If time’s running out and I’m afraid
Instead of giving into fear, shame, pain and
I’ll just wait a li’l while

Verse 2.

He has a dream
And his hopes are so high
That his desires will some day be fulfilled
And his plans will fall in line
We pray for peace
And we’re hoping for a light
That will shine through every darkness,
sickness and hurt
And bring life to our land



Oh I’ll wait (Wait)… Wait (Wait)…
Wait a li’l while…
I’ll just wait (Wait) … Oh wait (Wait)…
Wait a li’l while.
Repeat chant


While we wait
Let the planter plant a seed
Let the doctor offer skill
Let the Preacher say a Word
And the people hold in faith
Let the mother say a prayer
Let the father hold the home
Till we all arise together and see…


How things are turning
Everything is changing
It’s all working together
It’s working together
Cause we waited a while
Now things are turning
I declare that everything is changing
It’s all working together
It’s working together
I’m glad I waited a while.


Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh Wait (Wait) …
Just wait (Wait)… Yes…
Wait a li’l while
Your wait could be an hour or two
It could be a month, a year or more
Wait a li’l while
Oh just wait (Wait)…
Just wait (Wait)…
Wait a li’l while
There’s a light at the end of the tunnel
A silver lining in your sky (Wait)
Just wait a li’l while.

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