MUSIC : Taiwo Okpongete – Ogo re @TaiwoOkpongete|Download


Taiwo Okpongete is a Psalmist, Song
Writer and Worshipper. She has a unique
music ministry in which she bares her
heart to God in songs and here is a
testament to her kind of music; this debut
single titled “Ogo Re”. Ogo Re simply
means “Your Glory” in the Yoruba language
and in this song Taiwo is simply declaring
‘the Glory of God’. Hence the song ‘Ogo
Produced by Jay-Dimeji Durotoye. Enjoy
this lovely song and be blessed.

Download and share!!!

Artist Profile
The name of this Psalmist is Taiwo
Okpongete. She started singing 16 years
ago on the worship team of Word of His
Power Faith Fellowship Church in London,
Ontario where she served for 6 years.
Taiwo then joined the Choir of the House
on The Rock Church, Lagos as a backup
vocalist in 2005. She is still serving till
date and is also an Alumni of the New York
Film Academy, Los Angeles (2015).
In her words..
“Thanks to Minister Deji Livingston, the
Music Director back then for helping to
train my voice to what it is today. He was
of immense support in helping the dream
of this song become a reality. Also, a big
thank you to Psalmist Lara George for her
encouragement on this project. Thank you
to Pastor Paul Adefarasin, my Father in the
Faith for motivating us to enlarge our
borders. Thank you to my Heavenly Father
for pulling the resources of Heaven to
make this happen. Glory!”
“Thank you for listening to the song. I received the chorus in a dream, and it means “the
Glory of God”, hope it blesses you. Music
video coming up, 2 new singles and also
an album round the corner”.


Ogo Re {Your Glory} – The lyrics


Ogo Re Baba, Ogo Re Baba (x2)
It’s Jesus My Lord, Jesus My Lord
I worship Jesus, Jesus my Lord

Verse 1

You filled the spot of a Father when i had
Through the wilderness you saw me
Without You i could have lost my mind
But you kept me (Oh God) in Your Glory…

Repeat Chorus

Verse 2

I searched for love everywhere, but i
couldn’t find
It was always right here all along
Through my darkness, You showed Your
And my existence has changed
Ogo Re Baba, Ogo Re Baba (x2), You
deserve the Glory
Ogo Re Baba, Ogo Re Baba


For Your Purpose you created me
Your Shekinah Glory I see
Father use me to bless humanity
Lord it’s all for your Glory.
Ogo Re Baba, Ogo Re Baba
Holy Spirit move over us (X2)
{everybody say}
Ogo Re, Baba aaaaa (x2)
Holy Spirit move over us (x2)
Ogo Re, Baba aaaaaa

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