June 4, 2015 Group condemns attacks on journalists covering Osun protest April 17, 2015 The Committee to Protect Journalists is alarmed by the violence against journalists and media workers in Pakistan after three separa

The Committee to Protect Journalists is
alarmed by the violence against journalists
and media workers in Pakistan after three
separate attacks in 24 hours.
Former Geo News business reporter, Aftab
Alam, was killed outside his home in Karachi
Wednesday by two gunmen, according to
media reports.
The shooting came less than 24 hours after a
Geo News technician was killed in Karachi
when gunmen opened fire on a broadcast van
belonging to the privately owned station. No
group has claimed responsibility for either
Within the same time period Abdul Azam, a
journalist for the state-run broadcaster
Pakistan Television, was shot three times in
Peshawar, the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
province, near the border with Afghanistan,
according to a local media report and
messages to CPJ from Pakistani journalists.
Azam survived but remains hospitalized, the
report said. Peshawar is home to several
factions of militant groups, but no one has
claimed responsibility for the shooting. It was
not immediately clear if the shooting was
linked to Azam’s work as a journalist.
“With poor investigations and little follow up,
attacks on journalists continue to go
unexplained and unprosecuted. Journalists
have a right to expect better protection from
Pakistan’s government,” said Bob Dietz, CPJ’s
Asia program coordinator. “The recent spate
of attacks underscores not only the danger
that journalists face, but also the authorities’
inability to follow through on promises to
protect them.”
The motive for the attack on Mr. Alam in
Karachi is unclear. “As he came out of his
house, two men on motorbikes fired shots at
him and escaped,” Feroz Shah, a police officer,
told Reuters. Alam, who had not worked in
broadcast media for 18 months because of ill health, died
instantly, Geo News reported.
Referring to the attack on the broadcast van, Azhar Abbas,
managing director of Geo News, told CPJ by email, “Police have
to determine the real motive behind the attack.” Describing it as
a targeted attack on Geo and the free media, Abbas added: “We
strongly condemn this, but at the same time we rely on police
and other law enforcement agencies who have assured us of a
thorough, speedy, and transparent investigation into the
incident. We expect them to bring the planners and attackers to
In a meeting with a delegation from CPJ in March 2014, Prime
Minister Nawaz Sharif made a commitment to address violence
directed at the media, including establishing a joint commission
to address the attacks on media and to speed up prosecutions
of killers. There have been no convictions in attacks on
journalists since Sharif made his promise.
SOURCE: http://www.cpj.org


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