Waec Gce 2015 Agricultural Science Practical Answers – Nov/Dec Expo

The 100% Correct 2015 Waec Gce Agric Practical Answers


    I- cut for latex
    II-aluminium slip
    III-cup for collecting latex
    IV-loose wire to hold cup

    Tapping of rubber

    -to enable latex leak out
    -it guides latex out of the tree
    -it collect latex
    -it hlds cup firmly to the tree


    plastic industry
    white fly- piercing and sucking
    -stembor-biting and chewing
    -cotton stainer-piercing and sucking
    cassava mealy bug-biting and chewing
    yam bettle-bitting and chewing
    bean beetle-biting and chewing

    (2a) A four year course crop rotation system.

    (i) crops likely to be affected by the same
    insect pest and diseases should not follow
    each other.
    (ii) There should be a short period of fallow
    during which cover crops can be planted to
    add nitrogen to the soil.
    (iii) Deep rooted crop should not follow each
    other instead deep rooted crops should follow
    shallow rooted crops.

    (i) Crop rotation saves land,time,energy and
    (ii) It checks erosion since the soil is not
    (iii) It reduces the incidence of pest and

    (i) Lay farming
    (ii) Mixed farming

    Plot1, Plot II, Plot III, Plot IV
    Year 1, Yam, Cowpea, Cassava, Maize
    Year 2, Maize, Yam, Fallow, Cassava
    Year 3, Cassava, Maize, Groundnut, Fallow
    Year 4, Fallow, Cassava, Yam, Groundnut

    (ii) A-for trimming branches of flowers & trees
    C- for gathering dead leaves, stones & other
    -lubricating with oil
    _store in cool dry place afetr use

    1500/33900 * 100 = 4.42%

    -bad bread flexible pelvic bone
    -it has a hard & pliable abdomen
    -possesses narrow dry cocoa

    -good feeding
    -enabling a wide, moist cloaca
    -enabling a moist glossy plumule
    -use of drugs



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