50 French companies on “first-of-a-kind” business trip to Nigeria

A delegation of 50 heads of French companies is expected to visit
Nigeria next week to explore business opportunities and establish
bilateral links in the country, the French Embassy said on Friday.
A statement from Georges Vanin, First Counsellor, Political Affairs
and Communication, Embassy of France, said the business
delegation was the first of a kind from France to any African
The statement said the delegation was organised by the
Movement of the Enterprises of France (MEDEF), France’s leading
network of entrepreneurs and the largest employer federation
with 800,000 member firms.
According to it, the French companies on the delegation include
those in the sectors such as building, transportation, environment,
energy and sustainable cities.
“The largest economy and the largest population on the continent,
the middle class is emerging in Nigeria, which demand new
infrastructures, facilities and equipment, but also in services and
The statement quoted Pierre Gattaz, President of MEDEF, as saying
Nigeria was a land of investments and development for French
“Nigeria is a land of investments and development for French
companies. Africa is our new frontier.
“We are friends and have much to gain by building strong,
confident and sustainable business relationships.
“Although France has much to contribute to Africa, but Africa has
so much to bring to France,” Mr. Gattaz said.
It added that Gattaz would lead the delegation of the 50 companies
– small, medium or large – interested in the many opportunities of
the Nigerian market.
The statement said Gattaz would lead the delegation to meet
President Muhammadu Buhari on Oct. 5 before meeting with the
business communities.
It quoted Patrick Lucas, President of the African Committee and
Vice-President of MEDEF, as saying that close bilateral relations
would be forged between the delegation and the Nigerian
“We are excited to lead that delegation in a large English-speaking
African country.
“Development opportunities for our businesses are significant and
we hope that close bilateral links will be established during our trip
to Nigeria,” Mr. Lucas said.
The statement said the trip would be an opportunity for many
exchanges and meetings with all the representatives of the
Nigerian society.
“MEDEF delegation wishes through this to build strong relations
with this great country by promoting deals emphasis staff training
and local contents,” it said.


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