Nigerian govt can’t employ more than 5% of citizens – Kukah

The Catholic Bishop of Sokoto Diocese, Mathew Kukah, says it is
impossible for the Federal Government to employ more than five
per cent of the country’s population.
The clergyman, who spoke at the opening ceremony of the Third
National Mission Congress of Nigeria, in Abuja, said no
government in the world provides employment to all its citizens.
He, therefore, enjoined Nigerians from all walks of life to contribute
meaningfully to the development of the country.
“There is no country that employs five per cent of it its population,
or even 10 per cent,” Mr. Kuka said.
“Many states in Nigeria with a population of about 6-7 million,
employ between 30-60,000 civil servants, including ghost
workers. So, it is clear that no government can employ its entire
He called on Nigerians to be hard working, as nobody was born a
government officer or political office holder.
Bishop Kuka said it was wrong to assume that one must either be
president, governor, and local government chairman before
exercising leadership, adding that the youth should particularly
help in making the nation greater.
“Office holding sometimes is purely by accident, or appointment.
For instance, out of 170 million Nigerians, only one can be
president at a time.”
“So, the assumption that if you are not holding a public office, you
cannot exercise leadership is wrong.
“Even the President cannot turn his son into something without
his cooperation. You have heard of some leaders whose children
ought to be in prisons as they have been involved in crimes and
criminality,” he added.
Also at speaking at the event, a former Attorney General and
Minister of Justice, Kanu Agabi, charged participants to always
pray for the nation.
He said Nigeria exists because of the prayers of the people.
Mr. Agabi said the patriotic spirit of good spirited Nigerians will
continue to protect it from disintegration.


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