Dakkada: 23-Yr old Supports Gov. Udom with N.5m Educational Materials to Ibiono Students

In his efforts to support Dakkada Intiative of Governor Udom’s
administration, a 23-year old man, Akparawa Bokime Asuquo, has
donated educational materials worth N500,000 to school students
across Ibiono Ibom Local Government Area of Akwa Ibom State
In a chat with Ibommobile.com, Akparawa Bokime, who made
the donation recently said, he was motivated by the fact that there
is free and compulsory education in the state which is one of the
major priorities of the present administration.
“What inspired me was the free and compulsory education that
Governor Udom Emmanuel has sustained in the state. In the rural
area, we have children and I believe that we all should stand up
and support them so that the free and compulsory education will
not be a waste but be an achievement and a blessing to our
younger generations.
“When we talk about supporting the children, we mean looking at
their educational needs, trying to see the challenges they are facing
and find way of solving them. We must not wait for government
to do everything for us.
“We, as private individuals, have to contribute to the society
because we have benefitted from our society when we were
young. So, we have to give back to the society what they gave to
us that’s why I decided to donate over 5,000 exercise books to
those students.”
While responding to a question that if he was doing that for any
political gain, Akparawa Bokime said: “I don’t understand what
you mean by political gain but I must be sincere to you that this is
not the first time I’m doing this.
Last year, I distributed over 2,000 pieces of mosquito nets to the
people of Ibiono Ibom community, same last year; I also
distributed about 2,500 copies of exercise books to pupils in the
community. So, talking about political ambition, we all are
politicians depending on the angles you see yourself.
“If I tell you that I’m contesting tomorrow, I may be wrong. It is
only when the people say you should come and represent us that
you can go. You don’t send yourself to go and represent your
He added that the people of Ibiono Ibom are very happy with him
about the distribution.
“I know that exercise book is not a problem to the people of
Ibiono Ibom. The people are faced with bad road networks.
Government’s attention has been drawn to the roads for
construction. Another thing is that most of the schools don’t even
have hall. I shed tears when I visited one of the schools in the
community,” he stated further.
On the area of annulment of elections by tribunal in some local
government areas of the state, which Ibiono Ibom was also
affected, Akparawa Bokime said: “for the fact that there’s a sitting
governor in the state, he (Gov. Udom Emmanuel) remains the
The winner of Miss Tax Nigeria 2014 beauty pageant, Iniobong
Ekpe, who was in company of Akparawa Bokime, said
humanitarian service is her pet project which prompted her to
accompany him for the great mission of helping the kids to lay a
good foundation so as to have good leaders of tomorrow.
“When he told me about the project, I keyed into it. If you go to
most of these schools, you will find out that they don’t have
writing materials where they are supposed to write so that they
can revise at home.
“In our little way of contributing to the government, we decided to
distribute these free materials to the pupils.”
Also in company of Akparawa Bokime was Great Lady Unyime
Bassey. She advised school children to take education serious;
they should not give up because the teachers’ cane is to motivate
them for tomorrow.
By Atuekong Paul Bassey


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