**FG issues Ibom Power Plant licence to generate additional
ABUJA—The Federal Government, yesterday issued Akwa Ibom
Ibom Power Plant, licence to generate additional 495 megawatts
of electricity.
The amended licence issued the Government of Akwa Ibom State,
promoter of Ibom Power Plant, has now increased its generating
capacity from 190 megawatts to 685 megawatts.
The Ibom Power Plant at present supplies 190mw to the national
Governor Emmanuel Udom of Akwa Ibom State received the
license from the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission, NERC,
on behalf of the state and the company’s management at a brief
ceremony in Abuja.
Udom, who was enthused by the near absence of bureaucracy
and the speed with which the application to increase the
generating capacity was treated by the Commission, declared:
“Ibom is one of the first independent power projects in the
This achievement according to him, did not come as an accident,
noting, “It is because the previous administrations in the state
invested heavily in this sector. This is not a power plant that
would have gas supply challenges. We have set up a gas
processing plant that is supplying gas to the adjoining power
plants. We would soon come for an embedded generation licence
that would supply power to our industrial estates to be established
along the coastal line.”
The governor appealed to the Transmission Company of Nigeria,
TCN, to improve its network, ahead of the completion of the
expanded power plant as he disclosed that the state government
had invested $22million on transmission networks and that it
would be a wasted investment if there would be no
corresponding investment in transmission line by TCN to evacuate
the generated power.


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