Snoop Dogg launches line of cannabis products

Has there ever been a more natural union than Snoop Dogg
having his own line of pot products?
The rapper has announced Leafs By Snoop, a branded line of
cannabis products. It includes edibles (foods infused with cannabis
extracts), hand-weighed marijuana flowers and concentrates that
are now on sale in several medical and recreational dispensaries in
Colorado, which legalized recreational marijuana use in 2013.
“It’s a true blessing that I can share the products I love so much
with y’all today,” Snoop said in a statement. “From the flower, to
the concentrates, and edibles – it’s all hand-picked by yours truly
so you know it’s the hottest product out there. It’s the real deal
and you gotta get out to Colorado to try it first!”
Snoop has long been open about his love of weed, though it’s
caused him some legal issues. He even claimed to have smoked
pot in the White House.
According to the news release, the rapper was deeply involved in
the development of the products that bear his name (we can only
The flowers come in eight strains: four indica-dominant hybrids,
three sativa-dominant hybrids and one high-cannabidiol strain that
he personally selected based on their taste, effect, aroma and bud
structure. The edibles include handmade, fair-trade premium
chocolate bars made with activated cannabis oil, peanut butter
gems, gummies, drops and fruit chews.
The new line is just the latest venture for the star, who also acts,
produces and appears on reality TV. In September, Snoop
launched a pot-focused media company called Merry Jane.


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