Biafran in Aba. S’East, S’ South Pro – Biafra Groups Rally To Honour Fallen Heroes


from the southeast and south-south states of the
country, last weekend gathered in Aba, Abia State,
to honour fallen heroes of their group who died
during the Nigerian-Biafran war.
Numbering over 10, 000, and as early as 9am, the
group gathered in front of Christ the King Catholic
Cathedral church from where they took off in groups
and marched through the streets of the commercial
city, which lasted for over eight hours and cutting
acrossOgbor Hill, Aba-Owerri road, Tonimas-Umule
axis, Ariaria, Port Harcourt road through Flyover
Bus Stop, among others.
Traffic was disrupted throughout their rally, even as
the state governor’s entourage had to take extra
minutes detours to make it through Ogbor hill to his
Umuobiakwa country home, while commuters,
motorists and residents of Aba, trooped out in their
numbers to have a glimpse of what was happening.
Several police patrol had followed the procession
around, while their patrol vans were also seen at
various strategic junctions where the Armoured
Personnel Carrier was stationed at Ehi road by CKC,
apparently to ensure that the peaceful protest didn’t
turn violent.
Speaking, some members of the group said that the
movement in Aba was to honour some of the fallen
heroes of Biafran, who died during the Nigerian-
Biafran Civil war, adding that it was also part of their
efforts to further push for their agitation for the
realiasation of the sovereign state of Biafra.
According to one Kalu Francis, “It is more than
100years after Lord Lugard amalgamated the
people of Southern and Northern Protectorates.
According to the treaty, it was agreed that after
100years, anyone that felt that they are no longer
comfortable with the way things are being done, has
the right to secede and that is what we are doing.
“We are the Indigenous People of Biafra and we
believe that the time has come for us to let the
world know how badly we have been treated as a
people. Even when we lay the eggs that feeds the
nation, we are still not benefiting from the eggs we
“What we are saying is that we want to be free and
until we realise the dreams and aspirations of our
founding fathers, we shall continue to push the
struggle and push our case to its logical conclusion.
“People think that we are going to be troublesome,
but we chose the path of peace and honour as a
non-violent group to pass our message to the
international community that we are no longer
comfortable. What we want is a sovereign state of
Biafra and nothing else.”
However, residents of Aba have commended the
police operatives for exhibiting maturity in the way
they handled the protesters, stating that it was a
paradigm shift from what was obtainable in the
They added that if the template set out on Sunday
by the police could be sustained, “they will be
achieving the saying ‘police is your friend’ and not
the enemy of the public.”


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