Winners of Week 3: Myschool CBT Challenge Season 2

The Myschool CBT Challenge just concluded the 3rd week of the
competition and we still have 2 more weeks to go.
The week (4), we will be having 20 Winners, who will be rewards
with cash prizes and airtime recharge cards. If you think you can
be among the top 20 performing students, then read more about
this week’s competition by clicking here
Meanwhile, Here are the winners for the 3rd Week of Myschool
CBT Challenge Season 2;
lingard42 (coeminna)
Myschool Points: 531.29 from 462 CBT
BEST Score: 100% · Time Adv: 565
JAMB Score: 400
Dauntless (oau)
Myschool Points: 461.85 from 396 CBT
BEST Score: 96% · Time Adv: 1262
JAMB Score: 384
Element320 (ui)
Myschool Points: 360.18 from 288 CBT
BEST Score: 94% · Time Adv: 1003
JAMB Score: 376
decenzy (futo)
Myschool Points: 306.54 from 235 CBT
BEST Score: 94% · Time Adv: 557
JAMB Score: 376
zetaboy360 (ui)
Myschool Points: 304.12 from 258 CBT
BEST Score: 72% · Time Adv: 993
JAMB Score: 288
As usual, we will contact them via PM to present their details for
their cash rewards.


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