Devastated, Police Commissioner, Ogunyanwo, prays for shot Bayelsa monarch

Almost moved to tears on seeing the Peremambiri King, Progress
Neverdie, struggling for his life at a hospital in Yenagoa, the
Baylesa State Police Commissioner, Peter Ogunyanwo, removed
his beret and prayed fervently for the monarch.
Mr. Neverdie was shot on Saturday during the supplementary
election in Bayelsa when some ex-militants invaded the
Peremambiri community, located in Southern Ijaw Local
Government Area.
Mr. Ogunyanwo, who visited the hospital (name withheld for
security reason) shortly before the monarch was wheeled into the
theatre for a major operation, removed his cap, held the monarch
on the arm and prayed for about three minutes.
Shortly after the police boss prayed for the traditional ruler, he
advised politicians in the country to turn a new leaf in their quest
for power.
Again going spiritual, Mr. Ogunyanwo said God would heal the
monarch and through the act bring healing to Bayelsa State and
It was heart-wrenching for this reporter watching the
commissioner of police pray and show so much concern for the


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