I got attracted to the news story written by my brother and
colleague Franklyn Isong, publisher of the Radar Newspaper an
online and terrestrial news organ in Akwa Ibom state, in which he
made veiled reference to the Eket Senatorial District Day which
was used to receive and celebrate the achievements of Governor
Udom Emmanuel-an indigene of the district.
At the said rally, which was organized by the senatorial district
members, several stakeholders, youths and elders through their
dances, speeches, songs and other gestulations, spoke in unison
that they were proud of the successes recorded by the Governor
and will stand by him throughout his tenure.
Comments by other leaders from other parts of the state by way
of goodwill messages came from a former governor, former
national assembly members, and the members of the House of
Assembly through the speaker, Barr. Onofiok Luke. A message of
support to the state governor also came from royal fathers
through Edidem Effiong Achianga, chairman of traditional rulers’
council. Nobody at the carnival which also featured colourful
display of traditional troupes, spoke about voting or candidacy of
any party for any election , if anyone did it was definitely not the
Chairman of the traditional rulers council.
It is therefore highly disturbing and insulting to the traditional
institution that Franklyn Isong will decide to manufacture a news
item alleging disharmony or disaffection in the state council of
chiefs over the support by the number one chief to Governor
Despite inability to deny knowledge of the principles of news
reporting founded on the Five w’s and One h’, Franklyn has failed
to mention which of the traditional fathers are unhappy with the
support to the governor, where any such meeting to voice out
their displeasure took place, and when it was carried out. Rather
Franklyn, believes in colouring his own personal opinion which
goes with his belief that the Governor should no longer be
supported by the people of the state, because he Franklyn had
said so.
It is not the first time Franklyn Isong will stir the hornet’s nest
against traditional rulers in the State. Few weeks ago, following the
visit of the Commissioner for Local Government and Chieftaincy
Affairs Mr Victor Antai to Itu and Uyo, the royal fathers had
expressed their joy and support to Governor Udom Emmanuel
for his job creation and industrialization programmes which will
offer employment to thousands of their youths. In his usual
nature, Franklyn came up with a write up that the royal fathers
were being politically partisan by supporting Governor Udom
For the umpteenth time, I want to advise my brother Franklyn
Isong as follows:
That it is the duty of traditional rulers to give unconditional support
to the State government and any other constituted government of
the land.
That the Governor of Akwa Ibom State is His Excellency Mr Udom
Emmanuel duly sworn in as governor with the backing of the
constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria on May 29, 2015.
That I am aware that there are one or two other governors of
Akwa Ibom State, who only exist only on Facebook, other social
media outlets and within the mindset of few self – seeking
That until the governorship legal imbroglio in the Supreme Court
is decided, everybody has a duty to respect and accord full
recognition to Governor Emmanuel as the Governor of Akwa
Ibom State, and not a rival of any selfish politician.
That no re-run election has been so declared by the electoral
That previous traditional rulers have at various times accorded full
respects and honours to the Governor, who is the number one
citizen of the State.
That such titles as Uko Akwa Ibom, Utuenikang Ibibio, Ada Idaha
ke Efik Eburutu among others have been accorded the former
governors of this state at different times past by leaders of
traditional rulers in support of their stewardship.
That the traditional rulers in Akwa Ibom State through Edidem
Dickson Umoette on October 10, 2010, endorsed our former
Governor and Distinguish Senator Godswill Akpabio for a second
term in office, in view of his achievements and the statewide
clamour for the then governor’s re-election.
The same Franklyn that never saw anything wrong in the support
to Governor Akpabio by Ibibio paramount rulers is now attacking
an Ibeno Monarch for supporting the governor, is it because the
current supreme monarch is not an Ibibio?
I wish to advise Akwa Ibom people to disregard the publiucation
that falsely assert that there is disenchantment among traditional
rulers in Akwa Ibom State, as the report failed to mention anyone.
From the channels that have published the false report, it is not
hard to see that it is hatched and propagated from the propaganda
stable of the state opposition party, the APC who will stop at
nothing in causing confusion in the State.
The recent large pool of support by the people of Akwa Ibom
State during the Eket Senatorial District reception of the Governor
attest to the fact that every right thinking person in the state is on
the side of justice and equity. It is the Divine Mandate anchored on
equity which rests perfectly on the shoulders of Governor Udom
Essien Ndueso


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