EFCC seeks “media intelligence” in fight against corruption

The acting chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes
Commission, Ibrahim Magu, has urged the media to provide any
information that could assist the agency’s fight against corruption.
Mr. Magu spoke Monday at a meeting with online media
publishers and on-air-personalities in Lagos.
“Such media intelligence will definitely complement the efforts of
the EFCC,” he said.
“The media occupies a vantage position to help or hamper the
war on corruption in Nigeria.
“I quite appreciate the importance of the media as a vehicle for
social transformation, and the role which some of you played in
ushering the current change in our political fortune is well known.
“The EFCC needs your critical support if we are to make any
headway in this important campaign against corruption.
“My plea for your support is underscored by my understanding
that the forces which we are battling are powerful and some of
them may want to use all platforms of the media to distract and
derail us.
“If and when they do come to you, please allow the ethics of your
profession, your conscience and overriding national interest be
your guide,” he said.
Mr. Magu said the attempt to use the media to portray the
commission’s anti-graft war as selective was unfortunate.
He also said the EFCC was determined to conduct more
penetrating investigations to rid the country of “all forms of
“The times we are in calls for vigilance by all, more so for the
media. I call on you to be our eyes and ears in the corners where
you operate” Mr. Magu said.
“The EFCC is a very small organization which cannot be
everywhere. You will be complementing the commission when
you play the role of whistle blowers. Anywhere you see
corruption, let us know about it,” he said.
The EFCC boss urged the media to enhance their credibility by
keeping their platforms away from unscrupulous individuals who
have reasons other than the national interest as their motivation.


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