Eket Mega Rally: APC Recruiting For Udom Emmanuel -By Uduak Umo

The people of Eket senatorial district have certainly increased their
support for Governor Udom Emmanuel, and have, as a people,
publicly affirmed their allegiance to him; if the turnout at the Eket
sports stadium in a mega reception for the Governor is anything
to reckon with.
An independent researcher and public relations specialist who
witnessed the event approximates that 40,000 people attended the
rally, which held over the weekend which was not even a political
As the single Senatorial District which produces 40% of Nigeria’s
total oil revenue, the people of that region have repeatedly
protested against what they consider as perpetual acts of injustice
done against them by the federal government.
Beginning with the political ‘war’ mounted by the ruling party APC
against the government of Deacon Udom Emmanuel, who is the
first son of Eket senatorial district to govern Akwa Ibom state since
creation 28 years ago; the Eket senatorial people consider the APC
as an enemy to their destiny. And it has not helped the APC their
campaign to seize power from Governor Udom, as the people
through their leaders have declared that they view it as an attempt
to rob them of their turn to govern the state; a project which was
agreed upon unanimously by all Akwa Ibom people since 1999 at
the inception of the 4th republic. .
Already, the APC-led federal government has demonstrated a
disregard for the yearnings of the Eket senatorial district people for
equity in two other notable gestures. One, the replacement of an
Eket Senatorial district son with a non indigene of Akwa Ibom as
rector of the maritime academy in Oron; and two, the removal of
another Eket senatorial son, Bassey Dan abia, from leading the
NDDC, a commission which was originally created for the
development of oil producing communities of the Niger delta. His
tenure was truncated and he was replaced by a non indigene of
Akwa Ibom and a renowned mentee of Rotimi Amaechi, who,
besides being a chieftain of the APC, is a well known arch-rival of
the Akwa Ibom socio-political yearnings.
The attempt by the APC to take over power from Governor Udom
Emmanuel, as revealed by their national leader John Oyegun, who
announced their plans to take the Akwa Ibom government at all
costs saying; “I am more confident of winning Akwa-Ibom than
any other state in the South-South…we are going to win”, sounds
therefore like an attempt by the APC to finalize their takeover of the
oil wealthy Eket senatorial district.
An analyst recently remarked; “one does not need to wonder why
the APC seem to be after the Eket senatorial district so desperately;
their sponsors are interested in crude oil and are willing to axe
down anyone to possess it”
These gestures by the APC and federal governmentt and more,
have been perceived by the Eket senatorial people and indeed
entire Akwa Ibom people as repeated acts of aggression and
disrespect for their existence as a people with destiny, and gone a
long way to stir the sociopolitical hornets’ nest. It is well known
that it has taken the leadership of deacon Udom Emmanuel, PDP
elders and indeed the collectively peaceful nature of the Akwa
Ibom people, for the situation to remain just verbal.
Taking the foregoing discourse into perspective, it becomes easy
to explain the mammoth size of turnout and tangible passion of
the people of the Eket Senatorial district area at the mega reception
for Governor Udom Emmanuel. And it is as if the APC have only
been busy recruiting thousands more people for Udom


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