Latest App: AfroPot Goes to Market

AfroPot is a technology startup that was conceived, designed,
developed and incubated locally in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State.
According to the founder, it is a lifestyle application that allows
users to order food from their favourite restaurants within Uyo.
You and I know that Akwa Ibom State is embarking on
Industrialisation Agenda to create more jobs and empower its
citizens. But Emem, instead of waiting to be employed looked
beyond and filled a gap in the society. Foreseeing what will
become of Akwa Ibom when employees will be working hard to
meet their targets, Emem Brownson and her team founded
AfroPot to help employees not to sacrifice their lunch for
productivity and job satisfaction.
AfroPot, a food ordering app is set to move to the revenue stage
on Saturday 23rd January, 2016 says the founder and CEO Miss
Emem Brownson while addressing newsmen in Uyo recently.
She encouraged workers to wise up because man-hour is as
valuable as the employee in a workplace.
She made known that AfroPot does not own any restaurant
rather the food vendors partner AfroPot by signing up on the
platform for their customers to buy from them via AfroPot.
One of such eatery is Spring Garden that is opening officially for
business on 23rd January, 2016 at 113 Atiku Abubakar Way, Uyo at
noon. According to Emem, AfroPot users can recommend their
favourite eateries to be added to the platform via the contact us
AfroPot was conceived, developed, pre-incubated and accelerated
at Start Innovation Hub, Uyo, Nigeria. Start Innovation Hub is an
innovation lab serving as a technology pre-incubator to help
technology startups startup faster.


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