Every day when you pick up newspapers, national and local, or
listen to the radio, you read and hear the APC through its
trumpeters labouring in vain to represent the Akwa Ibom state
government as evil. It should be normal for one to ignore such
false representations as mischief or political propaganda but even
equity aids the vigilant, not those who slumber. The people of
Akwa Ibom state know that these are interesting times we are in.
There is need to be ultra vigilant. Nobody or group of persons can
pull a wool over the eyes of near six million people.
Just like Ebere Wabara, the Sun Newspaper Columnist agrees,
circulation of falsehoods, lies, cock-and-bull stories, ludicrous
yarns and moonlight tales by those inexplicably opposed to Udom
cannot undermine the Divine Mandate on which platform he
confidently straddles. Since the Appeal Court cancelled his election,
some unscrupulous elements have been disseminating vicious
rumours and deploying their massive machinery of propaganda
—a development that will not change anything for sure. Governor
Udom Emmanuel will overcome all these oppositional pranks and
distractive challenges. As they say, nothing good comes easy.
The Governor has taken this in his stride as an over comer.
Who are the people in the APC playing saints and demonizing
others? The same people we know their capabilities, strengths and
weaknesses. These are no miracle workers. Their grudge remains
that they are not accommodated in the present political calculation
and there is no way every body can be accommodated. There
can only be one Governor at a time, three senators, ten house of
representative members, twenty six house of assembly members
and name the rest. The wise men who lost the last elections have
moved on, others have chosen the ignoble path to become
political refugees in their homeland. They have resorted to
employing foul language on persons in positions of authority.
There is no perfect government anywhere in the world, not even
the APC led Federal Government of Nigeria.
The people are fed up with recycled politicians who are will not
bring anything peculiar to the table. Chief Godswill Akpabio
exhibited uncommon courage to the detriment of his personal
comfort, sacrificing cordial relationship with his long standing
friends and ally to ensure Akwa Ibom is left in safe and
progressive hands, towards the next level of development. He
supported a man who is from the section of the state yet to
produce a governor and a man with the capacity to move the
state forward.
This is a man whose antecedence are flawless- a deep relationship
with God, a character of hard work and sound principles, a high
reputation of honesty and sincerity, a background in the profit
driven and result oriented competitive business world, a pan
Akwa Ibom Spirit and a generous heart. He is loaded with ideas
and practical solutions. Governor Udom Emmanuel’s plan is to
implement strong, vibrant and innovative policies which enhance
societal development, economic growth, empower the working
class, bridge the gap between the rich and the poor, alleviate
poverty, reduce unemployment, improve health and education,
develop small businesses, cater for children and the aged, build
strong families and provide secure Akwa Ibom State.
It is heart-warming that despite the distractions occasioned by
litigation, Udom is still going ahead with projects and
programmes that will catalyse transformation in the state now
and in the future. That is the essence of good governance, which
explains the divine nature and mandate of his administration by
virtue of the import of his name and testimonious achievements
as governor so far. The testament of a good and popular leader
begins in the morning and thrives even in the midst of legalistic
thorns. This is a phase that will pass away.
It should interest the APC and its supporters to know that issuing
inciting and combustible statements can only lead to a
conflagration that will first consume those who mindlessly,
irresponsibly and suicidally stoke it before any other victim, if at
all. The God of Emmanuel will not allow evil to befall His own on
grounds of Udom’s sonship with His creator. Akwa Ibom is a
peaceful state and nobody can take us aback.
What Akwa Ibom people see daily is a sincere and God fearing
leader in Udom Emmanuel who is forging ahead in the face of
paucity of funds to fulfil his campaign promises. There is no doubt
that if the Supreme Court calls for a rerun in Akwa Ibom, Udom
will do better than he did in the election that took him to
Government House, Uyo. I say this because there would be
additional votes, if need be arising from the unwarranted threats
to the state, plots of mayhem, harassment, embarrassments,
intimidation and other forms of lawlessness by those who think
they have access to Abuja and national security agencies which
they dream of unleashing on the peaceful state and the PDP
leadership here at the opportune time that will never, never come!
APC should wake up to the reality that Akwa Ibom state is beyond
their reach. There is always a next time in life. The APC is only
united in his quest to gun down the PDD. The party is not ready
for governance. The real wailers are in the APC employing
uncouth and irresponsible language on the Governor and by
extension the people of Akwa Ibom state. The enemies of the state
have found refuge in the hands of people who have vowed to
conquer Akwa Ibom state and her resources. The whole struggle
and madness is not about policies, road maps or blueprints. It is
just about the resources of this state. It is about selfishness, ego,
vendetta, pull-him-down. It is not about equity or justice, peace or
development. The aim of the APC is to whip silly sentiments of the
uninformed. This whole hoopla is about a group of people who
have refused to shelf personal frustration for state development.
They have failed this time. Their mission has suffered a stillbirth.
The irony is that Akwa Ibom under Governor Udom Emmanuel is
waxing stronger in all spheres, only an inconsequential number
have decided to be refugees in a peaceful and prosperous state.
Finbarr writes from Afaha Iman in Etinan LGA


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