Banks, Officials Behind 23,000 Ghost Workers To Be

Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun, on Thursday revealed that the
Bank Verification Number (BVN), and Integrated Payroll Personnel
Information System had helped the Federal Government discover
23,000 ghost workers in the civil service.
Minister of Finance Kemi Adeosun
Mrs. Adeosun made the revelation when she appeared before the
Senate Committee on Finance to defend her ministry’s budget
She lamented that having ghost workers in the civil service had
caused grave leakage to Nigeria’s revenue.
Mrs. Adeosun also explained how the use of the BVN assisted the
IPPIS to detect the fraud perpetrated through the creation of ghost
She said, “As we speak now, we have about 23,000 that we need
to investigate. Those whom either the BVN is linked to multiple
payment or the name on the BVN account is not consistent with
the name on our own payroll.
“If we are able to get everybody onto the BVN platform, we will
be able to save a considerable amount of personnel cost.
She added that economic crimes investigative agencies would
prosecute the banks, firms and individuals working in cahoot to
defraud the Federal Government by padding it payroll.
“My job is to get them off our payroll, what happens from there
on goes to the investigative agencies; we will pass our files onto
them and they will take a decision as to what sanctions they will
“Not only will we remove those people from our payroll, but we
will also be going after the banks involved to collect our money.”
The chairman of the committee, John Enoh, commended the
ministry for the discovery.
Mr. Enoh added that government should not only recover monies
from those found guilty of the fraud but also hand them over to
the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission for prosecution

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