A Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress in Akwa Ibom State,
Mr.Umana Umana has launched an attack on President
Muhammadu Buhari for his alleged inability to translate the change
mantra of the APC led federal government to reality ten months
after taking over office.
Speaking through his media co-ordinator, Barr. Inibehe Effiong,
the APC Chieftain slammed President Buhari for not keeping to his
campaign promises.
In a 38 paragraph open letter posted by the official news channel
of his party “APC NEWS ALERT” with the caption, ‘This Change is
Killing Us: Open Letter to President Muhammadu Buhari’, Mr.
Umana, expressed disappointment at the way the president was
running affairs of the country, and accused Buhari of failing to
deliver on his promises.
He pointed at the epileptic power situation, fuel scarcity and high
cost of the product at filling stations, alleged sharp practices by
commercial banks, Telecom service providers, police force,
general state of the economy among others, as indications that
the president is not sensitive to the plight of the people.
“Dear President, ten months after your historic assumption of
office, it has become increasingly tedious to defend the change we
proudly supported and voted for. The hitherto much taunted
”body language of the President” seems to have evaporated.
The fact of the matter is that responsibility is the hallmark of
leadership. What was the change gospel about if things were to
remain the same?
“Yes you have a four year mandate. But ten months is enough
time to resolve certain pressing and critical issues in the country
and set a very precise and clear direction for the nation. There are
problems that only require a firm presidential directive to solve but
which has been neglected.
”Mr. President, just in case you are oblivious of the cost of fuel
across the country, may I report to you that contrary to the
pronouncement of your administration, fuel is not being sold for
eighty six naira(86) per litre. As at Sunday the 13th of March, 2016
when I wrote this open letter, I bought fuel at N125 per litre. In
some places, it is much costlier than that. Does it mean that
federal government is incapable of keeping to its promises and
enforcing policy decision? It is not enough for the government to
give excuses, the issue is that the people are suffering because of
the sheer incompetence of government”.
In his lamentation Umana stated ‘If there is one problem that we
expected the change government to address with vigour, it is the
issue of epileptic power supply in the country.
Turning his attack to the Minister of Budget and National Planning,
Senator Udo Udoma, Umana’s media aide described the Ikot Abasi
born lawyer and former National Assembly member as not fit to
occupy the exalted office, and accused him of ‘failing in his first
assignment’ following the recent budget imbroglio. Aparently
acting the script of his pay master and Principal who lost out in
the 2015 governorship election and recently the supreme court,
the APC Media man whose notoriety for attack on public officials is
well known, accused Buhari of picking Senator Udoma for
Ministerial job without consultation.
Describing Udoma as a card carrying member of PDP, Umana
fumed that ”the Minister is today reaping where he did not sow”.
Reactions have continued to trail Umana Umana’s sponsored
outburst as members of the online community, majority of who
stumbled on his open letter say such act of betrayal by Umana
Umana and his boys should not be celebrated, as according to
them the action has clearly shown that Umana was out to attack
Buhari and a great son of the state, Senator Udo Udoma who
currently enjoys massive confidence of the President.
A source in the APC camp confided in Global Pilot that the
supreme court judgement of April 3rd February, 2016 and the
refusal of the President to interfere with the judiciary, coupled with
the recent inability of the APC to win the vacant 4 House of
Assembly seats that were swept by the PDP last Saturday has
greatly devastated the APC camp in the state. The source further
disclosed that the latest attack on Buhari and the Minister of Budget
and National Planning, were some of the game plan adopted by
the defeated opposition camp in the state to register their
displeasure over the monumental loss the APC recorded in the
Meanwhile, the letter has been described by a former Transition
Chairman in Itu and PDP Chieftain, Kufre Abasi Edidem and several
other members of the public as borne out of frustration.

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