waec 2016/2017 data processing question and answer (expo)



Data handling is the process of ensuring
that research data is stored,archieved or
disposed off in a safe and secured manner
during and after the conclusion of the
reseach project
1bi) Electronic Data handling.: this is the
process of using computers and other
electronic device.
ii) Non Electronic data handling: this is d
process of using paper, files, journal and
other electronic device
2a)Information processing is the processing
of information in any manner detectable by
an observer. it is a process that describes
everything that changes in the universe,
from the falling of a rock to the printing of a
text file from a digital computer system.
1. Collection of Data — capturing data from
their sources and recording it onto some
media (e.g., paper).
2. Preparation of Data — copying, grouping,
or arranging data in a more convenient way
for input.
Checking and verifying the data collected
are often done at this stage.
3.Input of Data — entering the data or
sending the stored data into the processing
Checking the accuracy and validity of the
input data are often done at this stage.
4.Processing of Data — calculating or
manipulating the input data and even storing
the results for future use.
1. Tasks can be completed faster because
computers work at amazing speed.
2. Computers can process large amounts of
data and generate error-free results,
provided that the data is entered correctly.
3. Computers can store enormous amounts
of data for future use.
1. Extra cost is required to employ specialized staff to operate and design the data processing system.
2. Some jobs may be lost due to computerization and thus lower the morale of staff members.
3. Some staff has to be trained or retrained.
– Be adaptable
-Be detail – oriented
– Work collaboratively
– Communicate well
i) Nigeria is a computer society.(NCS)
ii) Nigeria Internet Group(NIG)
iii) Computer Professionals Registration
Council of Nigeria (CPCN).
iv) Nigeria Internet Exchange (NIA)
WiFi – Wireless Fidelity
GUI – Graphical User Interface
6a)i) Creating a folder on the desktop
step1- right click on the mouse
step2- click on new folder in the list of
ii)Giving name to the folder
step1- right click on the folder
step2-clcik on rename
step3-type our new name
iii)sending a file from my document
step1- open my document
step2- Right clcik on file and click copy
step3- open the new folder and paste
iv)changing the name of the folder in
To results
step1- right click on folder
step2- click on rename option
step3- type new name results
6b(i) Date of birth- Date and time
ii)Fee= Currency


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