Waec 2016 Geography Answers


1ai) Population density is the number of person per unit area of land or per square kilometre of land.
1aii) Birth rate is the rate at which children are being given birth to in a country.
1aiii) optimum population is the number of people that can be supported by by the available resources in an area, so as to achieve the highest possible standard of living.
i) Increased birth rate
ii) Prevention of rural to urban migration
iii) Improved health service provision
iv) Industrialisation
i) Road transport
ii) Water transport
iii) Air transport
iv) Rail transport
i) Presence of water fall and cataracts limits the use of rivers
ii) Presence of floating vegetation e.g water weed
iii) Seasonality of most rivers is a problem
iv) Water transport by inland navigation is too slow for people with perishable goods
i) Rivers should be dredged regularly
ii) construction of canals to bye pass water falls and cataracts
iii) Water weed should be equipped refrigerated holds
3ai) Conurbations may be broadly seen as having the following features:
(3ai) A conurbation is a continuously built-up area but it does not include ribbon development. It also does not necessarily exclude a built-up area separated by a narrow rural land from the main built-up area to which it is well-attached.
(3aii) A conurbation shows high population density; its population is much greater than that of the nearby towns.
(3aiii) A conurbation has various miscellaneous industries operating in it which rely on the reserves of labour, excellent transport, etc
-Industrialization boost the economy of a particular country
-It create job opportunity for the citizen which thereby improves it economic stability
5b) -Unfavourable government politics do not allow industrilization to thrives
-Heavy tax placed on the industrialist mitigate against the sucesses of it existence
-Lack of motorable roads for the smooth conveyance of industrial goods from production sport to market has hampard industrialization
-Epileptic power supply which makes the industrilization to resort to using costly energy has hampard the program of industrialization
-Government should ensure that the heavy tax rate levied against the industrialization are cut down -Motorable roads should be constructed across Nigeria roads to ease the smooth transportation of industrial goods
-There should be alternative to hydro energy generated by the country to avoid over reliance on power
-Government should avoid those policies that is repugnant to the setting up of industry in the country
i) ECOWAS aims to promote co-operation and integration in economic, social and cultural activity, ultimately leading to the establishment of an economic and monetary union through the total integration of the national economies of member states.
ii)It also aims to raise the living standards of its peoples, maintain and enhance economic stability, foster relations among member states and contribute to the progress and development of the African Continent.


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