Waec 2016 Government Obj And Theory Answers

1-10: dbdbdadbdb
11-20: adcdadcbad
21- 30: adaacccbab
31-40: addcddddbd
Scroll Down No 1a and 10b have been added
Note Answer 4 questions only
-By initiating the public the public bills
-The bill goes through the first reading in the
floor of the house
-The proposed bill will then go through the
second reading on the floor of the house
-The proposed law will the be passed on the
floor of the house
-The president will then assent the bill in order
to become a law
i)To promote the unity sovereignty and territorial integrity of
ii)To provide food & shelter for a better standard of living
iii)To enhance the rule of law equal justice
i)Government Reimbursement
ii)Fund raising through party members
(i) Decentralized administration.
(ii) The village was the highest unit of administration.
(iii) Existence of village assembly (Oha-na-eze/Umunna).
(iv) The village priest/diviner wielded great deal of religious and
judicial powers.
(v) Significant position of age – grades.
(vi) The family heads played important role in the administration
of the village, etc.
i)military and technical aid: some former territories especially d
french territories, receives military and technical aid from their
former coloniaal masters
ii)trade relations: this was established with britain and france.
iii)Uniform civil service: the civil service was developed along that
of the British and french colonies
iv)Common legal system: there was the development of a
common legal. System among the colonial system
v)the emergence of the press: another impact of colonialism was
the emergence of the press. The press developed and became
the mouthpiece of the people in the struggle for political
i)Ivory coast
ii)Benin republic
10a) National Interest is the interest of a nation as a whole held to
be an independent entity separate from the interests of
subordinate areas or groups and also of other nations or
supranational groups <any foreign policy which operates under
the standard of the national interest.
i)It, is aimed at elucidating the perspectives on the entire Nigeria's
foreign policy making and implementation machinery and
ii)It will be useful to academics and possibly public policy
iii)To scholars, it will add to their knowledge and welt their
intellectual curiosity and inquisitiveness.
iv)To widen and deepen the knowledge of most Nigeria Traders
i)decrees: military regime promulgates decrees that cannot be
challenged in the law court
ii)political interference: d decisions of the court may be unduly
influenced by the other arms of govt
iii)political appointments: the appointments of judges Is
influenced by the executive arm of govt.
iv)bribery and corruption: it lead to lack of confidence in d
v)disrespect of court decision/orders: sumtyms d decision of the
law courts are disobeyed by the executive.
Fascium is an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing
system of government and social organization.
i) State-worship, meaning that state is supreme and everything
else is subservient to the state.
ii) Leader-worship which means the leader is the all-powerful
man and everybody should abide by him.
iii) War-worship meaning that war is inevitable and
peace in politics is seldom to be found.
iv) Anti-communism and opposition to democracy. Fascists
were anti-communists because the communists were
internationalists, while Fascists
glorified the nation.
keep refreshing.
govt question.
1a) what is faseism
1b) highlight any four features of faseism
2) outline five processess by which a bill becomes
law in a presidental sysmtem of government


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