Nabteb 2016 COMPUTER ICT Obj And Theory Answers

11 – 20 : BAADADACCD
21 – 30 : DACABADDAC
31 – 40 : CCBBAADBAB
Hybrid computers are computers that exhibit features of analog
computers and digital computers. The digital component
normally serves as the controller and provides logical and
numerical operations.
analog computer is a computer that represents data by
measurable quantities, as voltages or, formerly, the rotation of
gears, in order to solve a problem, rather than by expressing
the data as numbers.
The fourth generation computer is based on the
microprocessor. And is proceed in 1970 to 1980,
Microprocessors employ Large Scale Integration (LSI) and Very
Large Scale Integration (VLSI) techniques to pack thousands or
millions of transistors on a single chip.
computer keyboard is the set of typewriter-like keys that
enables you to enter data into a computer and other
other words Computer keyboards are similarto electric-
typewriter keyboards but contain
additional keys.
i)Input devices
ii)Output devices
information technology is the study or use of systems
(especially computers and telecommunications) for
storing,retrieving, and sending information.
i)The Fund for Internet Research and
Education (FIRE Africa):-is designed to encourage, support and
innovative online solutions to Africa’s
education, information, infrastructure
and communication needs.
ii)The International Network for
Postgraduate Students in the area of
ICT4D (IPID):-is an academic network for ICT4D researchers
established in Spring 2006. The network aims to promote
collaboration between graduate students(doctoral and masters)
and senior researchers and practitioners.
iii)Aptivate:-In 2003 Aptivate was founded as a nonprofit
company limited by guarantee in Cambridge, UK, to solve the
problems aid workers experienced accessing the internet in low
bandwidth environments.
iv)United Nations Information and Communication
Technologies Task
Force:-was formed to address a variety of ICT4Dev topics. The
Task Force held semi-annual meetings focusing on specific
themes, including a Global Forum on Internet Governance (UN
headquarters in New York, March 2004); a Global Forum on an
Enabling Environment (Berlin,
November 2004); and a Global Forum on
Harnessing the Potential of ICTs in
Education (Dublin, April 2005).
operating system is the low-level software that supports a
computer’s basic functions, such as scheduling tasks and
controlling peripherals.
i)Unix – Linux

i)Process Management : The Operating System also Treats the
Process Management means all the Processes those are given
by the user or the Process those are System ‘s own Process
are Handled by the Operating System .
ii)Memory Management: Operating System also Manages the
Memory of the Computer System means Provide the Memory
to the Process and Also Deallocate the Memory from the
iii)Extended Machine : Operating System also behaves like an
Extended Machine means Operating system also Provides us
Sharing of Files between Multiple Users, also Provides Some
Graphical Environments and also Provides Various Languages
for Communications and also Provides Many Complex
Operations like using Many Hardware’s and Software’s.
iv)Mastermind: Operating System also performs Many
Functions and for those Reasons we can say that Operating
System is a Mastermind.
Step 1: Open Windows Live Mail from the shortcut icon on your
desktop or the
option on your ‘Start’ menu.
Step 2: You’ll need to add your email account – either your
webmail or other
account if you have one – Click Accounts at the top of the
Step 3: Choose Email from the options at the top of the screen.
Step 4: Add your email account information in the boxes
including your email address and account password
Step 5: If you want to make this account your default so that it
always opens in
this inbox, tick ‘Make this my default
email account’ – otherwise leave blank.
Step 6: When you’ve completed the information, click Next.
Step 7: If you’re adding a webmail account, you may be
advised (in Step 4) that you need to enable some settings in
your webmail account so that you can
access your email through Windows Live
Step 8: Now that your email account has been added
Step 9: Click Home. Your account will now be shown on the
left-hand side, in
the ‘Folders’ section. Any emails received
will be shown in the centre.
Step 10: To see all the folders – such as ‘Mail’, etc. – in your
account, click on the small arrow to the left of the name of each
main folder.
i)pop-up menu is a menu in a graphical user interface (GUI) that
appears upon user interaction, such as a right-click mouse
ii)menu bar a horizontal bar, typically located at the top of the
screen below the title bar, containing drop-down menus.
iii)clipart is the simple pictures and symbols made available for
computer users to add to their documents.
iv)property tool bar is a row of boxes, often at the top of an
application window that control various functions of the
software. The boxes often contain images that correspond with
the function they control.


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