Neco 2016 CRS (Obj And Theory) Answers

(i) Anticipating hardships believers are
enjoined by peter to endure suffering with
Christ like faith
(ii) Christians should conduct themselves
without fear. In this they might be further
identified with Christ who himself endured
(iii) Christians should rejoice when suffering
for Christ sake because through suffering
Christians share with Christ
(iv) No matter what trials Christians were to
do nothing that would justify them as
(v) anything that we suffer for Christ is a
privilege not a penalty
(vi) do not be ashamed if you suffer as a
(vii) peter encourages the Christians to
endure suffering just as Christ did
(i) persecution should be regarded as mark
of the christian faith
(ii) Christ and his apostles are points of
reference for Christians when it comes to
(iii) Persecution should come to us because
we preach Christ
(iv) Persecution should be received with joy
Jericho had closed its gates because of the Israelites,
and no one went in or out. But Jehovah said to Joshua,
“See, I have given Jericho to you with its king and its
able warriors. You shall march around the city, all the
soldiers going about the city once. You shall do this for
six days, and on the seventh day the people shall make
the attack, each man going up straight before him.”
Then Joshua said to the people, “March around the city
and let the armed men pass on before the ark of
Jehovah. You shall not shout the battle-cry nor let your
voice be heard; not a word shall escape from your mouth
until the day I say to you, ‘Shout the battle-cry’; then you
shall shout!”
So he had the ark of Jehovah carried around the city
once; then they returned to the camp and spent the night
there. The second day they also marched around the city
once and returned to the camp. Thus they did six days.
The seventh day they rose early at dawn and made the
circuit of the city in the same way, only on that day they
marched about the city seven times. The seventh time
the priests blew the trumpets, and Joshua said to the
people, “Shout the battle-cry; for Jehovah has given you
the city. The city and all that is in it shall be sacrificed to
Jehovah; only Rahab and those who are with her in her
house shall live, because she hid the messengers whom
we sent.”
So the people shouted the battle-cry and the wall fell
down and they went straight up into the city and captured
it. But Joshua spared the lives of Rahab and her father’s
family and all that she had, because she hid the
messengers whom Joshua sent to explore Jericho; and
they have lived among the Israelites even to this day.
(i) The miraculous power of God
(ii) It teaches us several grand truths regarding God’s
grace and our salvation
(iii) Help brings forth life like that of Rahab’s household
2a) at the time isrealites fault with the ammonites, David
remain in jerusalem. As he was walking ontop of his
roof, he saw a woman who was taking her bath. David
lusted after her and made enquiry about the woman. He
was told that the woman was bathsheda, the wife of
uriah, the hittite.
David sent his servant and they brought the woman; he
layed with her and she conceived. Daivid was anxious to
cover the sin.
He decided to invite uriah to return from the battle and
go back to his house and sleep with his wife. Uriah
returned from the battle, but refused to go back to his
house. Every persuasion by david along this line field.
David then collided with his army commander, joab and
uriah was killed at the battlefield. David took over
bathsheba and his wife.
This action of david displeased God so much that he sent
prohpet nathan to rebuke david.
(2bi)the word of the ammonites with which he killed
uriah would not depart from his house
(ii)God would raise evil against him out of his house
(iii) His neighbour would sleep with his wives before his
eyes and before all isreal
The cleansing of the temple occure during the last week
of Jesus’ ministry. Jesus rode into jerusalem. The
cleansing was to show that God’s judgment was
operative through the messiah the area where the
buying and selling was going on was a big area in the
temple is very close to the area of the gentiles.
There were two currencies for passover pilgirms
namely the temple and the roman currency used outside
the temple. He told them “it is written ‘my house shall be
called a house of prayer. But dont make it den of robbers,
they said ro Jesus “Do you hear what these are saying?
“Jesus answered yes. The chief priest and the scriber
regarded Jesus as a dangerous threats to their way of
(i)Jesus entry into Jerusalem fits well into the purpose of
the journey to jerusalem
(ii)the event is an object of prophecy as in the OLD
testament about Jesus to show what kind of messiah he
(iii)Jesus is on political messiah on man of war.
(iv)the people shouted”hosanna to the son of david


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