Waec 2017 GEOGRAPHY (Practical and Physical Geography) Answers – May/June Expo

i)it has few social amenities
ii)it is a feature of rural settlements
iii)they are only motivate in primary activities like farming
lumbering fisht etc
i)water transport

i)dentritic pattern

Erosion is the process of eroding or being eroded by
wind, water, or other natural agents.
While Mass movement is the movement of surface
material caused by gravity.
(3 b)
i) runing water
ii) winds
iii) waves
vi) glaciers
-rainwater acts as a lubricant to
weathered materials.
-lack of vegetation cover to hold the
loose particles.
iii)Rock structure
-joints dipping downslope usually
assists landslides, rockfalls, rockslide,

rock creep.

i)Rarely has fossils
ii)React with acid
iii)have alternate bands of light
and dark minerals
i)formed through the action of heat and pressure
ii)formed from clay
iii)formed from limestone
i)rocks are source of minerals eg gold,silver,petroleum
ii)rocks are source of materials for construction
iii)rocks serves as raw materials for industry eg cement


i)Agricultural Pollution
ii)Oil Pollution.
iii)Radioactive Substances polution
iv)River dumping pollution
v)Marine Dumping pollution
i)A regular qualitative and quantitative monitoring of
fresh water resources.
ii)Construct proper sanitary landfill
iii)Investigate ground water quality.
iv)Provide government help for waste management by
v)Throw refuse into garbage cans. Visitors who throw
garbage into pools, lakes, ponds, and even along the
beaches pollute recreational sites on a daily basis.


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