Waec 2017 Government Obj And Theory Answers – May/June Expo

Govt Obj



legitimate government is a government generally
acknowledged as being in control of a nation and
deserving formal recognition, which is symbolized by the
exchange of diplomats between that government and the
governments of other countries.
(i)good leadership
(ii)good government
(iii)free and fair periodic

(iv)spread political participation

Rights can be defined as those inalienable (natural) rights
and privileges enjoyed by the citizens of a given state,
which are usually stated in the constitution of the country
(i)the level of economic and social conditions of people
also affects the enjoyment of the right
(ii)the breach by a person as adjudge by a court of law
may restrict the right and liberties
(iii)if the health of an individual will threaten the whole
society he may be restricted to an area(hospital)
(iv)person with disabilities may be confired for their own

advantage and the good society

simple Majority system is a system of voting
requirement of more than half of all ballots cast
(i)Representatives can get elected with small amounts of
public support, as the size of the winning margin is
(ii)It encourages tactical voting, as voters often vote not
for the candidate they most prefer, but against the
candidate they most dislike.
(iii)It is regarded as wasteful, as votes cast in a
constituency for losing candidates, or for the winning
candidate above the level they need to win that seat,
count for nothing.
(iv)It can severely restrict voter choice. Parties are not
homogenous and do not speak with one unified voice.

Parties are more coalitions of many different viewpoints.

i)provision of capital.
ii)employment of qualified personnel
iii)improved conditions of service
iv)political autonomy

v)probity and accountabily


i)they checked the excess of the king makers In the area
of dethronement of an oba.
ii)they perform rituals on behalf of the kingdom
iii)they mediated between the oba and the kingmakers
whenever there was a disagreement.
iv)they serve as link between the people and the
v)the society possess some judicial powers and was

involved in policy making.

foreign policy Plan of action adopted by one nation in
regards to its diplomatic dealings with other countries.
Foreign policies are established as a systematic way to
deal with issues that may arise with other countries.
(i)Size: In the first place the size of a state’s territory as
well as it’s population greatly influences its foreign policy.
(ii)Geography: The geography of a country, including its
fertility, climate, location in relation to their land masses,
and water-ways etc. also influence the country’s foreign
(iii)Culture and History: The cultural and historical
traditions of a country also deeply influence the foreign
(iv)Economic Development: The stage of economic
development which a country has attained also has its

impact on its foreign policy.

nigera played a central role in ecowas efforts to end the
civil war in liberia
nigeria has taken lead in articulating the veiws of
developing nations on the need for modification of the
existing international economic order
nigeria contributed bulk of ECOWAS peacekeeping forces
nigeria also founded regional cooperative efforts in west
africa functioning as a standard bearor for ECOMOG and
ECOWAS economic and military
nigeria played a role financially to the smooth
organization of ECOWAS


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