Waec 2017 Biology (Practical) Answers – May/June Expo

i)They have segmented bodies
ii)Their bodies are divided into head, thorax and abdomen
iii)They have jointed appendages
iv)They have exoskeletons
In tabular form
sp C
i)It has wings
ii)It has jointed legs
iii)It has antennae
iv)It does not have clasper
sp D
i)It does not have wings
ii)It does not have jointed legs
iii)It does not have antennae
iv)It has clasper
sp C
i)the antennae are not segmented
ii)The eyes are smaller
iii)It has labial palps
sp E
i)The antennae are segmented
ii)The eyes are larger
iii)It does not have labial Palps
i)Carrot is good source of vitamin.
ii)It is a source of diet that improve vision
iii)it is used in production of juice
(i)It is a good source of carbohydrates
(ii)It supplies Energy
(iii)It serve as primary producer for heterotrophs
F – Is a root & tuber
G – is a stem & tuber
Specimen F
(i)it has an adventitious root
(ii)it has bud at the base
Specimen G
(i)It has some bud on its surface
(ii)it is a swollen end of of a special underground plant.
H – Class is Insecta
J – Class is insecta
Different btw H & J
Specimen H
(i)it has proboscis
(ii)it is smaller than J
(iii)it feed on blood
(iv)it has no color
(i)It has Labrirum
(ii)It is Larger
(iii)it feed on abandon food
(iv)it is dark brown
phylum Annelida
(i)Body is elongated and vermiform.
(ii)It has segmented body
(i)Their streamlined shape allows them to burrow through
(ii)They have no skeletons or other rigid structures to
interfere with their movement.
(i)Earthworms play a vital role in breaking down organic
particles in soil and aerating soil.
(ii)It is used as bait in fishing.
(iii)It destroys tender plant in fields and
garden by eating them.


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