Waec 2017 Literature Drama And Poetry Answers – May/June Expo

Ogeyi is Aloho’s friend and confidant.
Aloho lives with Ogeyi in her small apartment in Pannya.
She tries to discourage Aloho from taking Ochuole’s job
offer and warns her to keep away from Ochuole. She
seeks justice for Aloho by reporting Chief to the police.
She is the voice of reason in the play.

Section B
(i)Beneatha feels entitled to become a doctor. When that
may be taken away from her, she has no response other
than to give up on helping others. Beneatha wants to be a
doctor because she has a desire to heal.
(ii)Ruth constantly fights with Walter. Her family’s peace is
further upended when she finds out she’s pregnant. Ruth
considers an abortion to maintain peace in the family she
already has.
(iii)Mama makes a rash decision to prompt Walter to stand
up and be a man, which proves unwise. Mama buys a
house in an all-white neighbourhood to provide a home
for her family. And again Mama wants Walter to stand up
and be the man of the family In Other words Mama and
Ruth want to provide peace for their families.

Section C

The use symbolism is to derive its message, the sources
of the conflict explored in the poem are represented
symbolically by Piano and Drums in other words
Personification, Imagery, Alliteration, Simile, Diction, are
the symbol in the play,Okara’s metaphors are simple but
fitting: the drums represent traditional African life, while
the piano represents the Western world.

Section D

The theme of endurance,is a constant backdrop for many
of Frost’s poems. The speaker of “Birches” never sees a
boy or comes across one. He only imagines one, and the
boy that he does imagine is himself at a younger age. The
boy seems to be similar to William Wordsworth and Walt
Whitman’s portrayals of boys. These boys have their own
rules and wisdom that they can pass on to the older men
and women around them. They are ready for adventures
in nature and represent the wild, untamed state of “man”
that remains good and moral even though no one is there
to govern him. The speaker’s loneliness may be the result
of adult concerns. and considerations.

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