Nabteb 2017/2018 Geography (Practical and Physical) Answers – May/June Expo


The scale is 1:50,000
Map distance=22cm
Ground distance=X
Map scale : 1:50,000
Ground distance =22 x 50,000/100,000
The bearing of ungwan pa hausawa from kabso hill is 110°
Old scale =1:50,000
New scale=x
1/50,000 x2 = 2/50,000
New scale= =1:25,000
Length in map =48cm
Length of River Karami = 48 x 50,000/ 100,000 = 24km
The direction of river karami is south east


Revolution of the earth is defined as the movement of the
earth round the sun on its orbit
-It determines a year
-It Causes seasons
-Varying the length of day and night at different times of
the year.
-It determines a year: The time taken by the earth to
move round the sun
-It causes season: In tropical areas like west africa,
including Nigeria,there are two seasons rainy season and
dry season.
But in temperate Countries, the revolution of the earth
causes four seasons.
-Varying the length of the day and night at different times
of the year: The length of day and night varies depending
on the position of the earth in relation to the sun
-It divides the globe into two halves or hemispheres
-They are equal in length
-The minor are of a great circle between two point is the
shortest surface
– Is the largest possible circle that can be drawn around a
-They are the straight lines of sphere

-They are the circumference of the circle

Climate: This is defined as the average weather
conditions of a place over a long period of time.
Latitude it refers to the location of a place on the earth’s
surface in relation to the equator. Tropical latitude where
the sun’s altitude is always high have hotter temperature
than lower latitude this change in temperature affect
Altitude:this refers to the height of the place above the
sun level.As one moves higher into the atmosphere, the
temperature decreases by 6.5°c for every 1000m of
Slope and aspect: Steep slope experience more rapid
change in temperature than a gentle slope
-It aid soil formation by weathering
-it determines the type of crop to be cultivated in an area
-it Causes environmental hazard
-it determines the type of nature of vegetation in an area

-it helps in agricultural purposes

Remote sensing:this is the science and art of
identify,without coming into direct contract with it.
-visible and infrared sensors.
– extracting mineral Deposits.
-fishing Activities.
-Identifying crop conditions.
-Importing air traffic control.
– lift irrigation system..
-Extracting mineral deposit:earth holds more than 4000
natural elements,each with their unique chemical
composition and spectral reflexive.remote sensing
technology help to build potential map of these minerals.
-Fishing activities: fishermen save a lot of time and fuel
by using satellites to monitor spa surface. In this
process,remote. Spnsing technology is used to observe
surface color and temperature to denue are full of fishes.
-identify crop conditions: satellite imagery and normalized
difference vegetation index technologies art used in
order. To maintain. Global supplies.
-Improving Air traffic control: this control the fow of air
-Lift irrigation system: a wide range of data is required. To
design lift irrigation system for improving loater Supplies
for agriculture and other industries.


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