Neco 2017 Agricultural Science Practical Answers – May/June Expo

A- secateurs
B- shears
C- millet
D- head pan
both have two sharp blades
both are used for cutting
both are first class levers
keep in cool and dry place
cleaning it regularly
spray light oil on areas prone to rust
it has two hands for lifting it
it comprises a round container like bowl
A- used for cutting the stem of plants and branches of
small trees.
B- used for trimming plants
D- for carrying agric products or seeds in the farm
E – Dried clay soil
F – Dried Loamy Soil
G – Dried Sandy Soil
H – Earth worm
Specimen E
-feel smooth when rubbed btw finger and thumb
Specimen F
-darker in colouration
-less dense than clay soil
-Addition of organic matter
-Addition of fertilizer
-Constant watering
Specimen H
-it’s burrow create pores through which oxygen and water
enter and Co2 can leaves the soil.
-it’s faeces improve the soil structures
I- Banana sucker
J- Oil palm seeding
I- used for transplanting (Not grown in beds)
J- Grown in beds & then transplanted
I- Musa Species
J- Elaeis guineasis
I- By division (Ie vegetative propagation)
J- By seed
Specimen J: can be raised in a nursery
-It has wider leave
-stem of I is soften
-Store produce from I at room temperature
-Skipper butterfly
-Spider mite
-Basal stem root
L-guinea grass
M-round worm
source of protein in food
source of revenue
application of potash
cutting down plants which shade them
M-they feed on fleas,termites and many others that could
damage crops
M-help in cycling nutrients such as nitrogen
avoid grazing on pastures and areas with large population
of the worm
ensure proper sanitation of the environment


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