Nigerian Comedians and Comediennes

Full Name: Godwin Komone.
Stage Name: Gordons
Nationality: Nigerian
Education: Integrated Science
Marital Status: Married

Early Life

ORDONS, whose real name is Godwin Komone, has done well for himself even though he wasn’t born with a silver spoon. It can be recalled that Gordons was discovered from the popular Delta state based Gospel music comedy group known as D.C Envoy. His group exported music comedy to the campus when they got admission, even in the midst of his poverty-stricken background. And as a teenager of less than 13 years of age, the star was already a breadwinner.
Gordons studied Integrated Science and graduated in 1998. Before venturing into standup comedy, he actually tried his hands in running a church in the capacity of a pastor. With his church background, it is no wonder he always adds ‘hallelujah’ to his jokes and does more gospel music when he has the opportunity. Today, Gordons is considered one of the best in the business and charges mouth- watering fees for his shows.
He has a comedy show known as Gordons Comedy Clinic with its fifth editions in running. In this edition, I introduce to you, a brother, artiste, husband and father to his four beautiful children.
Enjoy! Gordons hails from the Urhobo speaking tribe of Delta state. He is the first child in a polygamous family in Warri. Young Godwin attended Ighogbadu Primary School in the heart of Warri and later attended Nana College.
He stage name coined by his friends was acquired when Gordons Spark and Gordons gin came into the Nigerian market. Music discovered him in his twenties when his childhood friend, Obus Zelee, created their group. And what started way back on Karien Street, near Emiberen Street, Okumagba Avenue, like a joke took these young stars everywhere in Nigeria for performance.
After graduation in 1998, the ever evolving Gordons got married while trying his hands in many things including going solo in music and becoming the resident pastor of Rainbow Christian Assembly, Jakpa branch, also in Warri. He joined the team of Made in Warri created by Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD). While being featured on the stage of Made In Warri, he got launched on the big stage of Experience in 2006, where the big story of his life actually began.
Since then, he has grown the brand to the extent that he has been showcased in different platforms including AY Live Shows, A nite of a thousand laughs, and several others too numerous to mention. Gordons has anchored thousands of events and appeared on stages abroad where he was paid handsomely for his craft. His Gordons Comedy Clinic is among the popular CDs sold in town as he has done the fifth edition already.


Gordons tried his hands at several entertainment projects that didn’t pay off, but he persevered until his break came in 2006 at the Experience held at TBS.


He believes that humility is the foundation to every success because when a person sees himself as something and acts rudely towards others; then God takes him down, but when he brings himself down in humility, then God would take him up in His time. According to him, the way up is down, meaning that if you want to get up, you would have to be down first so you can appreciate it better when you get up.


Gordon has been able to take his style of comedy to the public via his comedy clinic while anchoring events and other businesses he is doing.
He single-handedly anchored ‘A Nite of a thousand laugh, the 11th and 12th editions. The star gets to be paid good money for his talent. Today, he lives in his own house in Lagos and in Delta state. He buys himself expensive cars, wrist watches, perfumes and can afford to take care of his family.

Gordons Comedy Clinic ward 1 to 6

Download: Gordons Comedy Clinic ward 1

Download: Gordons Comedy Clinic ward 2

Download: Gordons Comedy Clinic ward 3

Download: Gordons Comedy Clinic ward 4

Download: Gordons Comedy Clinic ward 5

Download: Gordons Comedy Clinic ward 6


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